The Native Language Programming Project


Imagine speaking Spanish. Now imagine being forced (or even eager) to learn a programming language like C++, where all the keywords that are clarified by our understanding of English have no meaning to you. Programming all of a sudden becomes ten times harder. Where you usually would say 'oh, well that's logical! If.. Then... So, if this, then that', you are simply reduced to saying, 'okay, so the teacher says that si this entonces that, so we'll just trust her'. Now imagine a program fully capable of simplifying your programming experience, letting you program using keywords in your language that are easier to understand and learn. And every time you want to compile, all you have to do is run it through this program and then through the compiler.

--------nOW MAKE IT COME TO LIFe---------

Enter the Native Language Programming Project - a project dedicated to bringing about just that program, dedicated to making life easier for budding foreign programmers. Once integrated with an IDE, this program will be the unquestioned tool that will become a necessary part of everyday life for foreign programmers - and they may not even know it is there. All they'll do is hit compile, and the NLPP will translate the file and then pass it on to the compiler. How simple is that? And with a flexible, easy-to-learn plugin underpinning, NLPP (Extensible) (nlppX) will mean the next step in programming. Until now, computers have made much more progress in the US than abroad, and foreign programs are not as common as North American ones. The time has come for that to change.


The time has come to implement the change. If we can make a program that makes coding fundamentally easy for foreign programmers, then more non-North-Americans will be encouraged to delve into the wonderful mysteries of programming. And that means that the programming community, already internationalized through programs like GNU gettext and the Internet, will become an even more truly international community, with people from every country contributing.